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Where Riders Get Deals

Ford Police Interceptor Utility Front Brake Rotor 2020-2023 OEM Part # L1MZ1125C

Original price $129.95 - Original price $129.95
Original price
$129.95 - $129.95
Current price $129.95
JC Motors BlueLine rotor collection is designed exclusively for police and law enforcement vehicles.  We understand the importance of keeping police cars in top-notch condition to ensure the safety and efficiency of our dedicated officers. 
  • JC Motors BlueLine OEM matched premium brake rotor
  • Reliable quality to deliver stability and consistent braking
  • Engineered to G3000 cast iron specifications for durability
  • CNC-turned finish for better pad-to-rotor contact and narrow tolerances
  • Dynamic balance milling process helps ensure smooth operation and increased wheel bearing life
  • Vane configurations force hot air out and pull cool air in for proper heat dissipation and improved performance
  • Application-specific metallurgy to keep brakes cool, quiet, and vibration-free
  • OEM part # L1MZ1125C

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